Top 10 free adventure android games

10. Chiku Adventure

Chiku Adventure is a funny adventure game. All kinds of food are enemy in the game.
In this game the fat boy name is chiku, he eats a lot. He eats 5 times more than normal human, Which is unusual.
One day he was dreaming, the foods were coming to kill him. And Then beginning the game.
- 11+ Challenging Levels to compete and more to come .
- Challenge with Boss.
- Nice sound and graphics
- Hit blocks to release random items
- Addictive gameplay
- Easy game control for children and kids
- Funny game , all age can play it.
- You also get best adventure flavor

More: Adventure gamer always like this Chiku Adventure. In this game you face unexpected adventure moment. Chiku adventure have 3 boss level. All kinds of foods are enemy in this game so children also like this Chiku adventure game.
Let's start adventure.
Note: Level 4, Level 8, Level 12 is Boss Stage

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1. Pok√©mon GO